By: Diana Herzan | February 09, 2018

Multiple factors will influence a customer's decision to hire a service professional
"Hmmm... this company seems like they know what they are talking about."

There are typically many factors that will influence a customer’s decision to hire a service professional. With choices galore in many service categories, customers have a lot to consider. It is rare a first encounter or touch point with a business will be enough for most consumers to sign on anyone’s dotted line. The hiring process, or better stated, “hiring journey” requires several steps and the satisfaction of several needs before most homeowners will be comfortable enough to give a company their absolute “YES.”

We like to keep our fingers on the pulse of what makes consumers take action, so we ask them about it on our Customer Review Forms. Every time a customer completes a Review for a business that works with The Service Guide, we a...

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By: Diana Herzan | January 22, 2018

Find out what my most profitable decision and how you can take a similar path to profitability

My most profitable decision - I had no idea it would turn out this way!

In September of 2010 I made a decision that turned out to become the most profitable decision I have made for my company. When I made this decision, I didn’t have any idea it would turn out the way it did. I would like to share with you what my decision was, what I attribute the success to, and what I have done to provide others with the ability to make a similar decision and follow my same path of profitability.

I am someone who loves to talk and write about things I know a thing or two about! I like to think I can contribute value to conversations with others who have the need to learn about something that can ultimately assist them in some way in gaining ground or m...

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By: Diana Herzan | April 18, 2017

There are times in our lives when bad things happen to us, and if we are fortunate enough, we can take some good things out of them that make us stronger and better for the experience. This happened to me recently. Early in February, I got sick, really sick, and ended up with pneumonia. I am sharing my experience because as some of the good I was able to take from it, I ended up learning some valuable things about life and unexpectedly, some valuable things about business, as well. The experience that happened to me can happen to anyone. I discovered that pneumonia does not discriminate. Luckily for me, my outcome was positive, but it doesn’t always go that direction for everyone. This is my motivating factor for sharing the raw education ...

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By: Diana Herzan | January 16, 2017

During a recent meeting with our marketing specialist team, we concluded that more inquiries from clients lately seem to have a theme of lead generation resonating throughout a strong portion of them. I felt compelled to talk about this, as there is no doubt in my mind this topic is resonating with many more business owners, as well. This blog post is for all business owners wondering how to get really good at generating quality leads like a pro!

Lead Generation is imperative if you want your business to stay in business; and vital if you want your business to make a profit. Our team likes to look at leads as fitting into one of two categories: Quality leads and Crappy leads. Most of us have had our share of both. But, let’s start by def...