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Our blog is for everyone who will ultimately need to turn to a service provider for help with a project or repair, and for the service providers who ultimately want to earn more excited and loyal customers. Subscribe and watch for regular posts that speak to you, whichever side of the customer - service provider relationship you are on! Click on our Blog Page and check out the categories, content, and information there. Let us know your thoughts and comments. And remember to subscribe to our blog, as well, so you can stay on top of the latest, greatest, and most current information.

Who we are:
Since 2004, The Service Guide has been connecting local consumers to relevant local service companies as a result of trust-based marketing. The desire to TRUST and feel safe is an innate criteria in almost all of us in order to commit emotionally to a hiring decision. When businesses can effectively facilitate a trust-based plan that helps guide interested consumers through their individual hiring journeys, they discover another innate ease in acquiring excited leads and customers like they never have before. These results create a win - win for everyone. We are thrilled to have been "guiding" this process with both local consumers and businesses for over 14 years. Connect with us through our blog and expect to indulge in related content that addresses the consumer or contractor in you, and in some cases, both!